Bloody murphy’s law…and SLE/FM…

I was sat here reading one of my favourite blogs and chuckling away but also feeling her pain.  If you’ve been a follower of the Bloggess, you’ll know the story behind the 5ft metal chicken, buying more towels and the #KKMF that I some times use with a photo of a metal or any kind of chicken.

Poor Jenny .  This is her post I just read …

I have to say, I have been prone to think I have weird voices in my head telling me stuff but it’s just my overactive brain, oh and the ducted aircon ‘demons’ messing with my head because they know I go a bit loopy when temps get over about 25c degrees and the blazing sun (or any bright light) is blinding me. I tried not to laugh at this but how can you not? I love Jenny’s humour and totally ‘get’ where she’s coming from KKMF chickens and all. Now she’s justified in buying all those bloody towels Victor told her not to buy. One can never have enough towel I say!

2013-09-12 11.55.01

Nor enough humour, fans in the house and curtains to cover those

hot blazing sun rays.

Til next time, stay cool and if you can’t be cool, try to stay out of the sun!


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